Let me keep it simple

About Me

My name is Anan Ocampo, a nom de guerre. Most of the posts on this blog are the muse of a random bloke who has had various jobs but has now been decided to be a freelancer for an online company. He hopes that someday he will start a business that will flourish only that he is a bohemian. I have previously worked but that notion of starting small is no longer worth it anymore. I started this blog small and it now has countable readers up from zero. I know about starting from the bottom. One day when I will get a good job, I will change the name of this blog. Or maybe delete it. Nobody cares anyway.

I love writing to quench my thirst for a world of knowledge dispensed freely to a world that is in love with freebies. I have no mantra in writing. Writing has no rules. These are my own thoughts, observations and preponderances from own experiences in day to day life in Nairobi and the suburb towns. Hence most of the content here is about reflections. I have learnt so much yet I have nothing to offer apart from this blog. Nothing I write about is soft, sympathy seeking topsy turvy kind, but this is straight talk, hard facts and real anecdotes (stolen phrase). They are worth a read if psyched and you want to gain a new societal insight of subduing boredom and forlornly.

In either way, I am the single most handsome man in the whole universe born of a woman. Period.

Still, I am that guy your mother warned you to associate with. I keep it at heart that you will follow the advice of your nee. Prudent it is to be obedient, it pays, even the Bible annuls to that. Therefore make it a task to revere your mother and love my association. She is or was right.

I also love graphic design, and web design blogging is a part time that has stuck as it opens the mind to have a better outlook and be original having seamless perspectives which also invigorates. But sometimes stealing some works here and there is applicable but on rare occasions.

P/S. This blog is very boring. I also have a boring persona. Reason why all the paragraphs have opening sentences starting with 'my' or 'I'. I am a recluse. I believe that you can never fall in love. Marriage is overrated. However, if you write, you realize that anything is possible. Like lack of cogency in these sentences.



Sometimes you end up realizing that you have achieved nothing considerable as a writer when the year terminates because you ended up bein...